skype on BB-xM

Im using BB-xM with ubuntu 10.10 installed on it.
My desktop also runs ubuntu 10.10. I have installed skype on my desktop via apt-get.
But it does not work with beagleboard. The reason is skype is not compiled for ARM architecture.
Has anybody installed skype for BB.
Could anyone help me to get skype running on my BB?

Thanks in advance

first of all, i am a newbie to Beagleboard…
I bought a clone of Beagleboard [DEV3530 - ema-tech] to explore and use it in near future…
I succcessfully booted Angstrom…
But, i built it for a totally different board, i.e omap3evm. So, i what are the changes that i should make in order to make it run right.?

Skype works on ARM architecture. For example Skype works perfect at my Nokia with Symbian

2011/2/14 yaswanth raparti <>