Sleep Mode / Power Saving Mode of BeagleBone Black


I have a BeagleBone Black with Ubuntu Precise 12.04.2 LTS running on it from a micro-SD card. I want to put my BeagleBone Black in sleep mode (or power saving mode). When I press the “power button” (for a small duration) nothing happens, but when I press the power button for more than 8sec, the board completely shuts down.

Is there any way to put the beaglebone black on power saving mode, (maybe using a power button or using some command from command line). The beaglebone consumes around 0.24A on normal running (I am not using HDMI output, just using SSH). I want to put the board in sleep/power saving mode, so that the current consumption become less than 10mA. Is it possible?

Rameez Qasim.

In my humble opinion, the power button generates an interrupt in software and you can write few lines of code to put the bbb in sleep mode as well as other peripherals you may want to shut off before going to sleep.

Hope that helps

Have you tried "echo mem > /sys/power/state" to enter into ‘mem’ state?

Hey, Tariq.

Yes I have tried, it says, “Write error: No such device”