slightly updated BB validation page

khasim had earlier asked for some assistance in bringing the BB
validation page up to date, so i forked off a new page and started
tweaking content. it's far from done, but here's the result so far:

much more to go. comments welcome.


Looking good so far Robert.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that the version of u-boot etc that is linked to there, and if you follow the instructions, gets flashed to your NAND is a very old version... Once you've validated the beagle with those files, you will want to flash a current version of u-boot to the NAND and use a current version on your SD cards otherwise you can run into problems booting operating systems...


i know, but i'm simply reproducing the old instructions in terms of
the files being used.


perhaps it's worth simply replacing that old version of u-boot with
the one built by OE these days for angstrom on the BB. is there any
reason not to do that while leaving the rest of the validation content
as it is?


  the other option is to simply build the beagle-specific version of
u-boot based on a git pull of the latest u-boot source.



I don't see any reason why not - I'm now using a lot newer version of u-boot and everything else seems to work.

regarding using a much newer u-boot: