Slow boot on Debian stretch

Hi all! I am trying to get a machinekit image optimized for the least boot time I can.

I am starting from the console image from here:

After that, I install git, pull newer kernel update scripts and install ti-rt 4.14 kernel, with the options --ti-rt-channel --lts-4_14

After doing it, the boot time goes from 80 seconds - high enough already - to 220+ seconds.

dmesg output after updating:

Thanks in advance!
Paulo Sherring.

Correct, "rt" in v4.14.x is slow..

i was able to very the first 250 or so patches in the RT patchset do
not cause the slowdown..

However the remaining 250 or patches are not bisectable..

on a side note, i haven't seen the slow down with v4.18.x + rt..


Great! Is 4.18 + rt available through script? I saw that 4_19 was available, but when trying to pass it as argument, it was not recognized. I am just now testing 4.9 rt to see how it does it boot.

Use this option:

--bone-rt-channel --stable

to get:

ABI:1 STABLE 4.18.10-bone-rt-r10