I’m seeing up to 15 seconds delay to open a topic or move from a topic back to the topic list etc.

Can you give any extra environmental/setup details?

It just took 17 seconds to open this topic area then 15 seconds to open this thread.

Latest Chrome on Big Sur on 16 GB M1.
Same in Safari.
Same in Chrome on Ubuntu 20.04.

100 Mbps internet connection. Ping to the site 192 ms.

And now it’s fast for the first time ever. Will monitor.

Just now it took 30 seconds to open “Site Feedback” and 18 to open the thread.

But it’s fast on Chrome and Edge on Win10. And faster (3 seconds) now on Big Sur.

Hey @fwbarber , can you take a look at any logs that might tell us what is going on for @brucehoult ?