Small blink of BBB Power LED and then nothing during GPIO

Hello BeagleBoard community,

I’m afraid I bricked my Beaglebone Black.

The current symptom: Upon being connected to power (either from the DC jack or USB), the power LED blinks briefly, and then goes out. And… that’s it. No other LED’s or other indicators, and no boot sequence. It’s the same whether there’s an SD card present or not; the system never even gets that far.

Help? Here’s what I was doing at the time:

  • I was attempting to read the GPIO state of one of the pins (P9.11, gpio0[30]).
  • I connected this pin to +3.3V (P9.3).
  • I executed cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio30/value (GPIO 30 is the system name for this pin) a number of times.

I had previously used this pin as a GPIO “out” (reading its value) without a problem. I figured that means it was “safe” to use as a GPIO “in”. What else might this have done?

Thanks to all.


Technically speaking, if the board is still in working order, you cannot brick the board. You may have blown a pin by connecting it to 3.3V direct instead of through a large pull up resistor especially if the pin was acting as an output on power up The flashing LED indicates that you popped the processor…

You will need to request an RMA to get it fixed.