soft UART implementation on the AM335x PRU


I am still a newbie to PRU development, and I am trying to use the 9 bits UART capability of the UART PRU firmware and I have a couple of questions

1- in the code composer studio,do I use the PRU compiler or the ARM compiler ?
2- do i have to use sys/bios when using the soft implementatio of the UART ? if so how to upload the generated file to the card without an emulator, ( I used FTP to deploy .out files to the beaglebone black and then coppying the firmware to the remoteproc when getting introduced to the PRU development)

I’ve just posted v2 of the PRU Cookbook[1]. It should help with some of your questions.

I suggest doing all the development in cloud9 on the Beagle. the PRU compiler is already installed on the current images.


Thank you Mark,

your work is really thorough,
I took a look on the Debugging and Benchmarking section especially UART, but unfortunately HW_uart doesn’t support 9 bit characters transfer
but I found out that for Q1 - I need to find an exemple from the RTOS sdk and modify it to my needs.

– Aouainia