Some Doubts in using Angstrom

Hi all,

I am a newbie. i have worked with basic micro controllers like
Atmega32, Atmega128 and so on..
Now, i have got a project to build an application on OMAP3530 . This
board is developed by ema-tech. Its a clone of ' beagleboard ' I have
recently booted the board with kernel 2.6.32 and Angstrom that is
built for a different Board[ omap3evm]..

i have the following doubts..Please give me some help/direction to go

1. i built the angstrom in console only mode.. Is it the reason why i
dont see anything on my 4'3 inch touchscreen lcd display?
2. i logged in through hyperterminal . i went through the file
system. I could not find linux kernel source code in /usr/src.. why
does it happen?
3. How do i device application for an embedded project using this
Angstrom linux.
4. How do i access interNet through the board..
    i did the following. '' ifconfig and then tried to set a routing
gateway accordingly '' Does it suffice to access net?
5. Does building the angstrom for a Different Board and running it on
my Board have any issues which are not superficial? if yes, how can i
resolve them?

Thank you..