Some help required

Hi, I’m working on a project to grab images from a webcam and send them to a web site, triggered by an alarm system. I have the image grab working and saving the files, all low res. about 60Kb. I’m not sure how to send these automatically to the web site. I write in ‘C’ and am looking for a tutorial to automatically invoke FTP or some other method to periodically connect to a web site and send the files.

I’m using Ubuntu 12 LTS on the BBB.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

basic email works. just put a script together that invokes your mailer with the proper attachments.

Thanks Eric, I hadn’t thought of that. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

If the objective is to have something working right now, you can take a
look at the motion package, that does that and much more:

sudo apt-get install motion


Many options really. You have SFTP, and ssh, among others. Hell, rsync may even work for this.