some (hopefully) useful scripts for BeagleBone/Ubuntu


I made a couple of scripts for Beaglebone/Ubuntu (using the image from that I wanted to share, since maybe others might find them useful as well (if not, sorry for the list noise). They are on github:

Right now, there are scripts for the following tasks:

  • Modifying the flattened device-tree blob to enable SPI1 and export the first chip-select (CS0) via the spidev driver.
  • Downloading, patching and preparing the kernel sources for kernels, so that you can compile kernel modules right on the Beaglebone (only works for those kernels for which there is a kernel-headers .deb as well, since we need the Module.symvers file from it – there was a time when this package was not included, but it is for the most recent kernels, as well as (much) older ones).
  • Showing the BeagleBone’s serial number that is stored in the i2c-connected EEPROM.
    Some of these might work on other distros, too, but I’ve only tested them on Ubuntu. The kernel sources script probably only works on Ubuntu (and maybe Debian), since it needs dpkg to extract the kernel-headers package.