Some way to get board serial number or unique identifier?

By reading the EEPROM database in the BeagleBone variants (black, green, industrial, etc) it is possible to get make, model, and serial number for any BeagleBone board. Is there any equivalent for the BeagleV Ahead?

There should be an eeprom on board with a unique build id… i don’t think it’s exported, but it’s on the i2c bus.

Where would I find the information about where that is?

So the eeprom is on i2c0: BeagleV-Ahead_SCH.pdf · main · BeagleV-Ahead / beaglev-ahead · GitLab

It should be address 50, standard atmel,24c32;

	eeprom@50 {
		compatible = "atmel,24c32";
		reg = <0x50>;

I don’t have a board running this moment… so something like:

xxd -p -l 24 /sys/bus/i2c/devices/1-0050/eeprom | xxd -p -r

play with the 1 in 1-0050


Awesome. I found the sources to the ‘beagle-version’ script which also looks like a good place to start.