Sonic Anemometer Build for GSOC 2016


I would like to be part of GSOC 2016. I am passionate about the project listed on the Idea page. The project goal was to build a Sonic Anemometer and to integrate with BB platform. I already built weather station using Mechanical Anemometer. I thought of making Sonic Anemometer since open source implementation is very hard to find.

I am sure i satisfy the prerequisites. I welcome feedback from all.

Draft Link:

Sorry but you’re a little late to be getting started – the final proposal deadline is coming right up in about an hour, and there are no details in that draft on how you would approach this project (not even a high-level timeline with tasks). On the other hand, your participation just as another community member would be welcome, so feel free to stick around. The prospective mentor for that project is one of my buddies and I know he will be happy to mentor outside of GSoC if you’re working on one for your own weather station.