(Soon) Patches for consideration in next -bone5x series


I'm finalizing three patches for consideration in your next 3.8.13-bone5x tag. I need to clean up formatting, just in case any of them are forward ported. These patches are organized so that they are independent of each other:

(1) A back ported patch in arch/arm/omap2 to detect AM335x version and SGX. Also sets the L2 cache feature. Not sure this makes a lot of difference, but CPU reporting in dmesg is more accurate with the BeagleBone Black I'm using.

(2) Device tree source for Element14's BB-View LCD capes. Makefile also updated.

(3) Workaround for Sitara blue/red reversal erratum in 24bpp graphics mode. Adds two properties to the "fb" node in the DTS: "ti,bgrx_16bpp" and "ti,bgrx_24bpp". It turns out that at least one LCD cape " fixed" the blue/red erratum by reversing the LCD output on the cape. This is further complicated by the tilcdc driver's DRM framebuffer initialization to 16bpp. Hence the need for both options. I also included a workaround for a preferred bpp to get beyond the 16bpp limitation. (How to query this from the "panel" node?)

Unfortunately, chunks of (3)'s patch duplicate code in DRM, but there's no real way to avoid it due to DRM's structure in 3.8.13. Also, there's a patch to drivers/video/fbcon.c that could be forward ported -- fb_check_var should precede a call to fb_set_par.

Pre-post comments and suggestions welcome...