Souce code

I need to compile a number of modules that depend on the kernel. Is kernel source or at the very least kernel headers available for the Debian Beagle Balck release? Is it part of the distribution or downloadable? Is there a repository for additional packages for the Debian release?

You can build kernels using RCN's build scripts:

Pre-built kernels are available from:

...just download and install the appropriate linux-headers deb package.

There is going to be a BeagleBone specific package repository, but I'm
not sure if it's on-line yet. I'm wanting to get some packages added so
I can get out of the uSD card image business for MachineKit and running
LinuxCNC on the BBB. It's much easier to just "sudo aptitude install". :slight_smile:

OK so I understand the Black Debian install can still get packages using ‘apt-get install’ ? I would need a number of packages to build my application.

Also if anyone is running the stock Debian install could you tell me if snd-pcm-oss modules is available?

/sbin/modinfo snd-pcm-oss

I need to use /dev/dsp /dev/mixer etc.