sound not working

Hi All

I am using kernel from 2.6.35-rc5-dl9 from, the sound is not working.

When it comes up, the ALSA detects the sound device, but when I use aplay nothing is played out. Anybody with similar issues?


You may want to run alsamixer and see how the output gain is
configured. Output might not be directed at the device you think.

Attached is the output of Alsa mixer

---------------------------- Dmesg output -------------------------------------
[ 2.116241] asoc: twl4030 <-> omap-mcbsp-dai-0 mapping ok
[ 2.125885] ALSA device list:
[ 2.128906] #0: omap3beagle (twl4030)


Don't forget to use the arrow keys to cycle through the various mixer
levels. R/L chooses the mixer while U/D change the setting. The
particular settings for the headphone output on BB are the three for
DAC2 which are somewhat to the right of the one you show in your
screen capture.


Yes, have checked all the settings of DAC. Have put everything to maximum. Still no luck.