sound problem: beeps, cracks (Beagleboard C4, Debian)

Hi everyone!

I am trying to fix some sound issues but I am not sure where to poke
at. I'm using a Beagleboard C4 running Debian Squeeze, Kernel 2.6.29,
Alsa 1.0.18a

this is the original sound file:
and this is a recording of the BB output:

I played the file 3 times using mpg321. There's a loud beep at the
beginning. It's played correctly afterwards but a loud crack follows.
Then there's the beep sound again. Sometimes the beginning of the
soundfile is cut off too.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Might be related to the following bug (in some way or another):

So, 2.6.29 was released over two years ago. (23 March, 2009)..

Care to retest with 2.6.38?



Thanks, that helped indeed. There is still some kind of "on/off"
sound, but it's *much* better than before.