source for mate for BB xM expansion connector?

Hi. Has anyone found a good source for a connector to mate with the BeagleBoard xM expansion connector? I tried the support folks at both Mouser and Digi-Key, but couldn’t find anything that’s quite right. Ideally I’d like something that works well with ribbon cable for the initial application, so an IDC type (insulation displacement connector) is good, but we will likely eventually want something suitable to solder onto a board.

The best they could come up with are 26-pin connectors and 34-pin connectors like this:

or this in a 26-pin: or this 28-pin one that is suitable for thru-hole mounting but has pins that are much longer than the socket is deep: Obviously something suitable is out there somewhere, and with any luck it’s not $5 each. Anyone know where to find it? FYI, courtesy of the tech at Digi-Key, here is the datasheet for the female socket on the BB xM (according to the BOM), made by Major League Electronics:


Trying again. Anyone have a clue? Someone must have a source for these things.


Ask at MLE. They sell the connectors directly, but don't advertise
prices on the web site. You have to email and ask for a quote. There
was a discussion about connectors for Beaglebone about half a year
ago, you may want to take a look at it:!topic/beagleboard/_zO5Hj8ouc0/discussion