Source for 'right-angle jtag adapter' in UK?

I’m about to attached a cape to my BBB, but due to connectivity issues I’d like to leave a serial connection attached to the JTAG. mentions a right-angle adapter, but I can’t find a UK source.

ebay ^....

but they are hard to find, it's easier to get a couple extra stacking
connectors and make more room..


I just bent the serial pins to about 80 deg and it works fine with a cape attached.


that serial connection your referring to is tty0 not jtag

the jtag is on the back side surface mount connector that is not
currently soldered on


If the cape is of your own making, then perhaps you may want to consider adding a pass through header in the future. e.g. just a plug that connects to the serial debug port, and has pins out on the opposite side of the board. That’s what my buddy did here for our cape.

This is what I do. It's gross. Better would be to put a right-angle header on the bottom.

Ah, I just read serial adapter.

For right angled JTAG, I made my own using a ARM20cTi20 Rev B adapter from Tincantools and then soldering a right angled 100mil female header to a straight 100 mil female header.


Ah - much better idea :slight_smile: Will go that route, thanks.

No this is the Replicape (which is a beautifully put together board, incidentally!)