[SPAM?] [beagleboard] Beagle board output to Composite, is it possible?

cflury@gmail.com wrote:

So I am trying to figure out how I could go about putting a low power
tiny computer in my '09 G37's center console. The console has the AUX
inputs for the display, a 12V power supply and a AC duct running on
the back side. As a computer person looking at this I see a perfect
place to put a tiny computer. I was wondering if anyone has tried this
yet with any success? I am thinking I could drop a Beagle Board with a
320GB WD Passport running Ubuntu to serve music while I drive and
movies when I park. My trouble is figuring out how to get the video
from the Beagle Board to output to the composite video for the AUX in.
Composite video is 480'i' by nature and VGA (what computers output
too) is always 'p'. You can get an adaptor but they don't usually work
very well and cost around $150. Any Ideas?

BB has S-Video out which should also be able to output composite.

or you just use the stock SW and build this very simple converter: