SPI and INTerrupts on PocketBeagle

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to make a radio receiver (433MHz) on the pocketbeagle with code in C.

I have SPI sort of setup with the spidev code, but if there is a better library, I want to know about it!

My problem begins with the interrupt setup (I mean code) , because I’ve only found a javascript sketch for that.
Is there a C library including interrupt support?

Thanks, best

hi there again

i’ve found the adafruit bbio python library, but does can i use the event detection sort of like an interrupt subrutine?


I’vve also found a PyBBIO library which look promising
haven’t tested yet

PyBBIO was before the pocketbeagle, think it doesnt support, but havent tested.

Adafruit BBIO python works in first tests. SPI and IRS both. With latest debian.

Receiving interrupts has nothing to do with SPI, but the GPIO subsystem can pass edge interrupts (configurable: rising edge, falling edge, or both) via a file descriptor which you can then integrate in whatever event loop you like.

I’ve written a tiny C library for sysfs gpio that demonstrates this, including how to integrate with sd-event (libsystemd’s event loop).