SPI Communication in BeaglePlay by using MiKroBus pins.

I am reaching out to share the SPI master code that I have developed for the BeagleBone Black. Additionally, I have a question regarding how I can target specific pins on the BeaglePlay board for my SPI communication.

Below, you will find the Python code that serves as an SPI master on the BeagleBone Black. This code allows communication with SPI slave devices connected to the BeagleBone Black.

Now, onto my question! I would like to use BeaglePlay Board for my SPI communication project. However, I am unsure about how to target specific MiKroBus pins on the BeaglePlay board for SPI communication. I can identify physically the pins on the board, but I am facing problem while assigning the pins in the code. Could you kindly provide some guidance on how I can identify and interact with the MiKroBus pins on the BeaglePlay board, particularly for SPI purposes?

Any insights or resources you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

SPIMaster.txt (1.0 KB)


Did you get any further with this @RND_SMPL? I am also curious to use SPI on the BeaglePlay