SPI problem

Dear All,
Last year I bought two beaglebone black and I used them in my project, I wrote my program in python language in cloud 9. I used spi protocol for communication between BBB and DAC(Digital to analog converter).
recently I have bought 5 beaglebone and I copied the same code. At first, It did not recognize spi part, later I reflash with the latest version, After reflashing the beaglebone I found that now beaglebone recognize the SPI part but it is not working and whatever data I send as the input, it is showing zero for the output.
, I saw on the internet, there were several questions related to this problem and I could not find any answer for them.
Before reflashing, I tried with PUTTY as well. For the test that I did with Putty, it did not recognize the SPI part like Cloud9. The interesting part is that after reflashing, I checked the blink Led with putty, and It did not recognize the GPIO this time.
Thanks for devoting your time, please let me know if you have any idea.

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before reflashing, I have sent this code. and I had that error,
After that, the output is just [0]
Thanks for your help.

this is the details of my beaglebone black