SPI - SD card

Dear all,
I have a question about SPI and SD card. I’ve already seen a couple of posts with a similar question but the answer is not fully clear to me.
I have a beaglebone black.
I am booting from SD card.
I am using the GPMC bus.

I would like to use the SPI1 lines to connect another SD card.
I would like to know if there is a sort of driver which allows me to see the second SD card as a common external memory.

I already wrote a C program to talk with the SD card via SPI1 (simple commands such as CMD0, CMD8 etc…etc) but I think (hope) that there is a driver to have the SD card seen as an external memory.

Thanks for your help.



Dear all,
I found an answer by myself:
there are still enough mmc2 lines to connect a second SD card and talk with it by SD-card 4 bit protocol, so there is no reason to use the SPI bus to connect a second SD card. In principle, the mmc2 should work as the mmc0: it should recognize automatically the SD card.



HI Alberto,
I am doing the same task on Beaglebone green wireless running on ubuntu 16.04 image but failed to enable the spi. I was initailly doing that on debian and that’s working fine , but need to do on unbuntu.
Other things are working on ubuntu , like I enabled uart and i2c.
I even posted here and on stackoverflow .
If you can provide any help then it would be helpful to me .