SPI3 to SPI4 transfer data


I’m working with beagleboard_xm and I want to send data from SPI3 to SPI4, using the
expansion connector.
I’ve connected pin 19 (SIMO - SPI3) to pin 18 (SOMI - SPI4) but I didn’t have success.
Have I to connect the CLK pines (pin 21 to pin 20 ) and the CS’s (pin 11 to pin 16)- chip select pines- without the fear to burn the card?



You have to loop SIMO and SOMI belonging to the same SPI controller for the initial test.

For example, you can connect pins 17 and 19 which are SPI3.0 MOSI and SPI3.0 MISO or pin 12 and 18 for SPI4.0



Hello Daniele,
I’ve followed the procedure in the following site:


and I got “spidev3.0”, “spidev3.1”, and applying the same steps I got “spidev4.0”.
Next I connected pins 17 and 19 and executed the “spidev_test” program and
all is OK. And in the same way I connected pins 12 and 18 and all is OK too.

Now my question is: how can I transfer data between spi3 and spi4?.
Somebody has done this expermiment?