SPIDEV Buffer Size

SPIDEV seems to have a buffer size limit.

I was unable to send a large array of transfers. (1000/10000)

In the kernel driver

unsigned bufsiz = 4096;
module_param(bufsiz , uint, S_IRUGO)

I increased the value of bufsiz by a huge number. And the application
would'nt load. Saying cannot allocate
I increased the value of bufsiz to 12000. And I can go till 500
transfers per IOCTL request.

However. I need to send more transfers per IOCTL request.

Each transfer is 28 bytes.
And I need to send 10000 transfers together.

ret = ioctl(fileID , SPI_IO_MESSAGE(10000), txrxarray)

Any ideas?

If you know of a better mailing list/discussion area where I should
post this, please do guide me towards