ssh fails write broken pipe

I have students working on the Beaglebone using the current Debian image. They are working in pairs. Student one has bone A and laptop a. Student two has bone B and laptop b. If b connects to B and then a connects to A, they receive an ssh failure with a broken pipe. If b connects to both A and B, then it works fine. It makes no sense to me at all. Any ideas?


What does the "-v" option for ssh print out for debugging?


The "write failed, broken pipe" message usually indicates a
disconnection after ssh has successfully logged in.

From what you're saying though it sounds to me as if there is some
problem with clashing IP addresses.

Are both the laptops on the same LAN? More specifically are they on
the same subnet? If you are connecting the BBBs to the laptops using
the ethernet over USB then confusing things might happen.

Tell us more about how you're connecting the BBBs and also try with no
other (ethernet/LAN) connections to the Laptops. If all is OK with no
other network connections then add things back until it goes wrong.
Remember also that ethernet/LAN connections can be WiFi, maybe both
Laptops are connecting by WiFi to the local LAN without you even
knowing (try turning WiFi off).

A great suggestion. We will try that out next. (Not something I’ve had to fight before.)

I get an error message immediately after connecting via SSH
client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe.
the recommendations found on the internet do not help.

how to fix it?