ssh not wokring


Apologies if this comes up twice… i posted a few hours ago and nothing came up so not sure if it posted… anyways…

So I just got a BBB today… I’ve installed the drivers on win7 and its working and I can http browse to the device. Problem is I can’t seem to ssh into it using putty.
putty just errors straight away. I can telnet to port 22 on so it looks like ssh server is up.

Also when I try use the https:// ssh client I get an error in firefox saying the page can’t be redirected. I was reading I need to possibly set the date, so I clicked set date on the webpage but nothing seemed to happen, and I still couldn’t ssh in or use the https:// ssh client.

I’ve turned off windows firewall as well but thats had no affect.

Does anyone have any ideas :slight_smile: ?


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