ssh on debian 3.15 kernel

I wanted to learn more about building my own image for my BBB. I followed Robert Nelson’s instructions, and believed I built an SD image for the 3.15 kernel. I booted off the SD card. Is ssh enabled following those instructions? I ask, because I can see the BBB on the network, and can ping it. But SSH is refused. I don’t have another way to connect to the BBB.

Just wanted to check, before I go hunting around to see what I missed in the instructions.

Which rootfs image did you use ? barefs ? or Minimal ? barefs you’ll have ot apt-get install openssh-server ( or other suitable ssh server ). minimalfs should come with openssh-server on it, unless it has changed recently.

Ahh, that may be the issue. I will have to check tonight. I think I may have used barefs.

Rebuilt with minimal (I was using bare before).

Now when I try to ssh in, I get the following:

ssh -l debian

Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer

I can ping the BBB.

You should really buy yourself a serial debug cable. At least that way you’ll have a way to get into a terminal.

Charles, anyway when attempting to login via ssh have you tried the verbose switch ? Perhaps that will give you a clue as to whats going wrong.

I will do that later today. I went ahead and placed an order for the serial cable.