Ssh server

Hello everyone,

The beagle bone black board ssh server suddenly stopped working! Please can you help me.

My mind reading apparatus stopped working ! can you please help me ?


ssh server stop working ? are you sure ? can you ping the beagle ? Most of the time it’s a network problem !

Getting a serial cable and capturing a log of activity on the serial port would help tremendously.

Did you perform any software updates or anything else that might have triggered this?

I’m answering because I want to remind people that the latest images now no longer allow ssh as ‘root’ and require you to use the ‘debian’ user, but the password is printed on the login screen, so it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. You are hereby encouraged to change the password.

So the point of my original post was that you did not tell us which OS you’re running on your beaglebone. So you at best are going ot have a bunch of people speculating at what the potential cause can be. However the Original OS( distro if you prefer ) was Angstrom, which had issues with the dropbear ssh server. Something about a corrupted( empty) config file that needed to be deleted, so the system upon reboot would regenerate a new file that would work. As for details, I do not remember offhand, but can be found on this very google group is you’re persistent in searching.