ssh, telnet not responding after a few days of working.

I purchased a bbb and used it for a day or two. eventually the ssh (putty) stopped responding.
The log was very sparse and only indicated that it connected:
Event Log: Writing new session log (SSH packets mode) to file: putty.log
Event Log: Looking up host “”
Event Log: Connecting to port 22

no login information appears, just a black, cold, empty putty window.

when i disconnect the window shuts down with: :“Network error: Software caused connection abort”

lights are flashing with the heartbeat pattern.

I can see the files on the mount, and apparently I can run bonescript.

I did try to adjust the time on the board, but not explicitly, only from the button on the web page.

A serial connection via telnet responds the same way. connection with zero dialogue.

I purchased two more bbb’s, because I wanted to move forward with a little groping around as
possible (there was no clear fix on the web), and now, after a few days, a second bbb is displaying precisely the
same issue.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit
I tried it on a 32 bit XP machine, but with no change in the bbbs behavior.

Any suggestions?

Clearly I need to deal with this issue.

I am going to upgrade the OS to try to fix it.

I am praying that it is not a hardware issue. Would plugging and unplugging the usb cause problems?

Any insight would be appreciated.


Would plugging and unplugging the usb cause problems?

On kernel 3.8.13, yes it would. Turn it off and on, does it come back up? If so, try upgrading to kernel 3.13 - should fix your USB issues.