SSH wants password for BBB

hi guys, i got my BBB today, when to connect to it using SSH. i went though and got the drivers it told me to download, I went to terminal and typed:
@michael-imac ~$ ssh

the reply was are you sure you want to continue connecting, I input yes
then it asked:

@’s password:

I pushed enter and it gave me a permission denied, try again. I’ve input my sudo password and everything I can think of that might be on my linux, so I’m assuming it has to do with the BBB.
what should I do?

I run Mint 16 on intel iMac.

thank you

Not sure if you have set up a user account on the BBB, or what OS you are using. I seem to remember that the root account on Angstrom did not have a password. In which case try:

ssh root@



You probably want to do “ssh root@”.

THANK YOU! It worked, i was forgetting the root in the command (newbie to linux) but now i have access to the BBB command line thank you so much!