Stand alone IP camera system

Hi, everyone!

days now Im trying to make a standalone system - IP cam > 100 meters distance > BBB > Monitor -
my board is Beaglebone Black Rev.c
img without eMMC flashed Debian 2015-03-01
4Mbps transfer rate from ipcam to pc is the highests value

what i need is:
IP camera (foscam V.2) connected via Ethernet (input)
and see from HDMI (output)

I did it with a chromium extension. but the frame rate is very low about 5 FPS (at ./top chromium shows using 50% cpu)

at the low right of the screen “CPU Usage monitor” shows 90-95% usage (green)
when i close chromium using ip cam extension goes to 10-15% cpu usage
i try setting low/up quality, bitrate, nothing much…

does sgx driver should help?

I try to install zoneminder & motion with no luck.
I still make tries, as installation folder is other than wiki says maybe BBB shoud eMMC flashed, and the only version is Angstrom.

and to be honest as i watch some video for zoneminder i dont think this program offer over 10 FPS

my really problem is when i connect to camera (through browser) need to download a plugin, that is unfortunately is ipwebcomponents.exe :frowning:

I test the camera on windows environment and works fine.

until some answers i try installing opencv

I try not to use web camera because i need Pan Tilt and that will add +1 BBB. servos, code… and more.

Ideas / Suggestions are welcomed !