Start from prototype to final product

Hi all,

Me and my team have create a fully functional protoype software on BeagleBone Black,

Now we want to create a final product, and we want use an am3352 for our boards. We don’t need the 1Ghz, we don’t need 3D graphics accelerator, the HDMI and others. What is the specific step for create the final product?

So if I use the same Hardware template of BeagleBone Black but without the unnecessary components, can I boot Debian from microSD? I didn’t figure out how the process from prototype to final product works.

Sorry for my stupid question. But there is three hours that I googlin without any succesful result.

You can take the deign files and use them to remove the parts you do not need.Chance the schematic and then change the PCB to match. Then have the board made my a contract manufacturer…

You can make it bot form SD by removing the eMMC from your design. Yes, you an boot Debian form the SD.

Replace the AM3358 with a AM3352.