START_HERE directory not found

I bought a BeagleBone Development Board from TI eStare (Order Number is 258705) on 7/31/2013.

From Sitara Linux Software Developer’s Guide I found the following:
When Beaglebone boots, a START_HERE directory will display on your Linux host desktop.
To start your evalaution and development using the BeagleBone, Run the script.

I tried to follow the above instruction.
The Host PC OS is Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS.
I use the following command from a Ubuntu terminal to connect Beaglebone to the host:
sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB1 115200.
Then I can see the BeagleBone boots, then I can login to root.
At the same time I can see a BEAGLE_BONE directory display on Ubuntu desktop.
However, I can never see a START_HERE directory.
Of course, there is no script either.

The board does not ship with the Sitara SDK. You would need to install that to use the instructions you are trying to use.


Hi Gerald,
Thank you for your quick reply.
You told me that I have to first install the Sitara SDK. Can you tell me where to download and how to install the Sitara SDK?
Thank you again.

Item 10.10.


Hi Gerald,
Item 10.10 is the instruction for installing SDK on BeagleBone Black.
However, I have the original BeagleBone.

Oh! I see!

OK. Well not sure if that one will run on the BeagleBone. I suggest you contact TI via the e2e forums and ask someone if you want to use that SW.