StarterWare-like stuff for BB AI available?


I’m currently using the BBB with some extensive bare-metal software which bases on StarterWare. Now the BB AI looks very interesting for me and I would like to switch over with this software to the new platform.

I’m absolutely aware of the fact that a lot of things would have to be done as not only the two cores have to be handled completely different.

But my questions is: is there something like StarterWare/a board support package available which gives the possibility to directly program the BB AI in a similar low-level way like the BBB?


You’d be much better off with RTOS. Starterware was never made for AM57x

As I understand it Starterware was folded into SDK it’s the BSP for RTOS that’s what I would use you could easily not start multitasking and run a for ground/ background no RTOS approach or use the DSP- BIOS real-time preemptive multitasking RTOS
That’s what industry uses for hard real-time. For those that don’t need hard real-time they also provide the Linux with platform support. This is in my mind a great path and it support industry standard source level debug with JTAG and TI Best in class tool’s