Starting a "new" u-boot with an "old" MLO ???


To start a 3.6++ kernel with dtb-support it is recommended to use a
u-boot with supports loading a dtb.

As far as I understood the boot process of a beaglebone, the MLO is
loaded first, which loads the u-boot, which again reads UEnv.txt and
starts the kernel.

Since I dont want to setup a complete new SD-card just for
expermenting with the linux 3.7.* kernels it would be nice
to use my "old" sd-card (with Gentoo installed).

This card currently boots a linux 3.2 kernel with a MLO and u-boot
from the time I used Angstrom linux.

Is it possible without "workarounds and hacks" to use the accompanied
MLO to boot a recent u-boot with dtb-support?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

Seeing as how beaglebone is well supported in mainline U-Boot, and that in turn is what provides both MLO and u-boot.img (both now and what was shipped), just replace both parts, and you can still boot both old and new kernels.

In my experience, no. The MLO and U-boot are a mated pair so to speak.
I wasted a lot of time figuring that one out.