starting application on startup (script)

Dear All,

I am trying to launch a qt application on startup with autologin.(Beagleboard XM)

While the autologin part is successful,(I made change in /etc/inittab).I am not able to autostart the qt application.

I tried all the methods mentioned here, and

I found the default run level to be 5 and I created soft link in rc5.d. But my script file when executed from command line is working.?What could be the possible reason?

Ok after trying different thingsā€¦ One solution worked out for me. I added the following line in the /etc/inittab


But seriously dont know what is oth. But my application autostarts on boot.!

For autologin, I have written a script and called it in /etc/inittab. This goes for autoboot.

Thanks fellas!