Starting up PocketBeagle without USB

Hey all,

Im having an issue connecting to my PocketBeagle without it being connected via USB. I set up the wifi and set a static IP Address while the beagle was connected to my computer. Then disconnected the USB from my computer and connected a 5V power supply to VIN on the beagle. However, now I am not seeing the beagle in my attached networks after waiting for a few minutes.

Next I tried connecting the beagle to my computer, attaching 5V power supply to VIN while it was still plugged in, then disconnect the USB and the connection disappears.

Is there something extra I must do so that the PocketBeagle operates normally while its plugged in to USB and while its only plugged into a power supply?


PocketBeagle doesn´t wifi, at least the ones i have.
The usb cable is the way to connect and power the pocketbeagle at the same time.
If you want to power it from 5V Vin you could use a ftdi cable at the console uart 0 to login.