starting xsetroot on boot ? how ? to hide cursors and to hide ugly X cursor

Hi all,
I ve successfully compiled xsetroot command on my beagleboard , how
can i run it automatically before window manager opens.
I've tried .xinitrc startup but i still see cursor on boot.
But when i try to run command myself , it works with success.
I tried
xsetroot -cursor /etc/X11/empty.xbm /etc/X11/empty.xbm
this works fine on xterm when i run manually.
But i want to run this on autostart or something like crontab ?
I need help to hide that X ugly cursor.
I dont want people to see ugly X cursor on boot.

Is this for Angstrom?

Could you post the binary file so that I can give it a go.


opkg install xsetroot ?

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