Startup first tim

I have a beagleboard rev 4, that I have newer used since it was new.

Now I have tried to start it up for the first time. I have not added any memory card and no
Linux image yet. Instead I have plugged in power via USB, and the serial cable between PC and the

I have tried to plug both an USB Mini-B and an USB Mini-A Male into the OTG socket on the

But the serial port hangs so nothing from beagleboard bootup sequence is printed.

when I run the command:

picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0

I know that the serial communication is working because I have another Olimix card that I am
able to communicate with.

Is the board broken or have I missed any step to get it up and running

There are four different BeagleBoards, can you give us some more information on the board? There also was not a rev 4 made. We use letters A,B,C followed by numbers on our revisions.