State of EHCI

I think I’ve done quite a bit in the last week, but my brain is now full…

I am trying to determine the state of EHCI on the BeagleBoard.

I’ve got the 2.6.29-r3 kernel built, enabled the file storage gadget (which works only occasionally) and I am getting absolutely no response from the USB HOST port with any device. Can devices work connected directly to this port or is a hub required? (I understand it is EHCI only.)

Here’s the diff of my .config with what’s distributed with 2.6.29-r3:

< # Fri May 15 15:14:34 2009

Hi Bob,

This is main ehci patch for 2.6.29, (that way you dont' have to search
thru the whole diff on my site from that referenced post.)

It's recommended to use a USB2.0 hub with external power...

However in my testing, it's still a little hit and miss. (It works
for me, until I max out/saturate the usb2.0 bus: something like
building gcc/kernel's off a usb2.0 hard drive along with multiple file
transfers over usb-Ethernet, on my internal network.)


Thanks, Robert.

I don’t think I will have to worry about saturating the bus–my intent is to use the OTG port for a file storage gadget and the host USB port for Bluetooth, running a simple RFCOMM link. I am not using the USB network support; I am trying to build everything I need on the development box.

On the BeagleBoard I simply need to collect data from two serial devices, send/receive periodic, asynchronous messages to/from BT and log all the transactions to a file in the file storage gadget backing file. A button press shuts down the data collection and loads the file storage gadget.

In support of this I’ve got the file storage gadget working already (off and on) and I’ve got UART1 muxed to J5 and UART2 coming out on J3, leaving the console on UART3 That’s about as complicated as our solution will get; all-in-all a pretty simple design.

It’s just a matter of getting the USB ports, then the BT, working reliably at this point.

Thanks again for the patch.