Static IP and internet access problem


I want to setup the BBB with a static IP on the Ethernet connection.

This seems reasonably straightforward by making use of the connection manager in the Gnome desktop. Sure enough, make the changes to IP, Netmask and Gateway and the BBB has a static IP. The only problem seems to be that it no longer has an internet connection. I can ssh to the device from the local network and a remote network with no problem but no internet access.

I have a raspberry and Scientific Linux using the same Netmask and Gateway with no problem.

Anyone see anything silly that I’m doing or missing?



Dns server? Maybe need to add entry into /etc/resolv.conf. Mine is


    Show us your route table. Does your BBB know how to point the hext-hop "default" gateway?


       --- Jay (in lovely Ypsilanti, Michigan!)

Thanks Ben. That was it.

I see that /etc/resolv.conf is auto generated by connection manager. I’m curious as to why, when using the GUI, I’m not given the chance of entering the DNS server.

Thanks for helping.