Streaming Video (from Webcam to Wifi)

Hi guys!!

I am a newbie to beagleboard, all I’ve done is installing different OS, then typed few simple commands on it. I am not a native English speaker, sorry if there’s bad English in this mail.

I’ve disassembled one of the remote control cars I played with when I was little, and controlled the car using Arduino. However, so far, I still need a USB cable to connect to Arduino (it’s not a remote control car at all). Now, I would like to switch to beagleboard and install a webcam on it. Then, I can control the car and see the live video from the webcam via local internet (wireless).

However, I don’t really know how to get started with this topic, can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Which BeagleBoard do you have?


I have one BeagleBoard C4, which is borrowed from my senior.Therefore, I am considering getting a new one. I would also like to know which BeagleBoard will meet my needs.


Beagleboard XM A1 have the 256M NAND and with OMAP3730 @1G 512M ddr@ 200M clock

This is the most powerful Beagleboard As I know .

I suggest you search the forum. A lot of work has been done on BeagleBoneBlack using USB cameras that have built in compression and they work pretty well. See what others have done and what they are getting and see if that meets what you are looking for.


thanks for helping me so far :slight_smile:

I have been working on this recently and have posted some articles on my blog that might help you. In particular you might be interested in and

Hope these help. I will have more to post soon based on some work with another BBB user on increasing frame rates.


@Matthew: Your blog makes for very interesting reading - excellent stuff!

On your travels, have you found any hardware that outputs H.264 compressed frames - like the Logitech C920 - but as a video grabber, instead of a webcam?

I’ve found a company called ‘Axis’ that do H.264 grabbers, but they cost a fortune - I’m looking for something more along the lines of the EasyCAP grabber, at EasyCAP prices!