Hi, II purchased a BBB, to both learn Linux, the IOT. I am using a MacBook Pro with Sierra 10.12.3, I downloaded the latest version of software,
-burned the image to the Micro SD using “Etch”
-Followed the instructions for loading it.
-The BBB ran for 1hr and 20min, LED’s 0 & 1 indicated a heartbeat and accessing the SD card but all 4 LED’s never went solid.
-When connected thruogh to USB and the Micro SD in the BBB, the icon on my desktop shows up as BEAGLEBONE.
-When no SD in inserted it just shows up as BOOT
-“Getting Started” the website says i’m connected, drivers are installed, etc.
-I am using Firefox as well. It is extremely frustrating and unclear to me what I am doing wrong. And there doesnt seem to be to much information on the site about updating or operation using MAC OS.

Any help would be appreciated thank you.

Caution, I’m not a Mac user, however, the Mac operating system has a “shell” which is very similar to the shell in Linux.
So if you can get to the Mac shell, then all of the Linux specific information will be useful to you.

If you can open a shell in your Mac, try this with the BBB:

ssh debian@

The shell should respond with a login dialog. The user should be debian, and password temppwd.

The intro page does say there is a USB driver required, however, I think you may have gotten past that.

If your goal is to learn Linux, you need to get familiar working via command line in the shell (also called terminal).

Be wary of flaky Micro SD cards. If you have another spare one, give it a try and see if it works.
My experience is that the cheap Micro SD cards are not robust. Once you get a working ssh connection and the system is stable
you can do a simple text edit which will cause the SD card to be written to the EMMC (flash memory + controller).
Then you can remove the Micro SD and your BBB will be more reliable.

Also I would recommend getting away from the USB as soon as possible. I’m sure your Mac has a LAN connector. Get a cable and use that instead of the USB.

Good luck!