Stuck in command lines while connected to 4DCAPE43-T (LCD screen)


I’ve been spending the last while trying to get my 4DCAPE43-t LCD screen working with the BBB. When attached to the beagle and powered on, its supposed to launch a graphical user interface like this: or like this: My beagle has a similar boot process, the onboard LEDS turn on, the linux logo displays but instead of going to the expected display, it goes to a command line-esque interface (exactly to putty window). A JPG of this is attached.

So far I’ve flashed the board with a microSD containing a newer image of debian and I previously have been messing around with the board through putty (connected via USB). How do I get the LCD screen to display the desired interface? Is the issue with the boot options? Am I missing something with the software?


Looks like you flashed the console/iot aka non "gui" image..

Grab the stretch lxqt image:


Thanks for the prompt reply. My SD card with an stretch lxqt image doesn’t flash properly. I power the board with the SD card in and the S2 button pressed but the lights don’t flash back and forth (nightrider) like they did with the iot image. The only LED that flashes in the ‘0’ one (Heartbeat).

I’ve tried the LXQT versions of debian 9.4 and 8.6 so far. The images are flashed using win32 on a 16gb SD. I’ve previously waited >45 mins with no unified on/off of the 4 LEDs as mentioned by the BBB getting started tutorial. Have you encountered this problem before?

None of the images on "flash"
the eMMC, you need to manually enable it..

or just grab the eMMC flasher from the weekly build server:


Typing in the user as debian causes the putty terminal to freeze. Following the steps in the Flashing eMMC link under the ‘root’ login and using the 9.4 lxqt from the ‘’ (unzipped and then written onto SD with Win32) didn’t get flashed (no nightrider). I’ll try these steps again…