Subversion (svn) on BeagleBone/Angstrom

Has anyone succeeded in getting svn working on the BeagleBone under Angstrom? It doesn’t seem to be available from opkg.

I have a project I want to build on the BB that’s only available as svn. Obviously there are inconvenient work-arounds for this but I’d like to be able to do the same thing as a “git clone” for svn directly on the BB.

It looks available..


But when I do “opkg install subversion” it says “Unknown package ‘subversion’”.

I did a little poking around the interwebs and found some references to something called “git-svn”. It seems to enable git to read an svn repository.
I also found some examples of people doing “git svn clone” but that doesn’t work on the BB.

It was available for 2011.x, not 2011.x

Is this ideology or just incompleteness?

It’s readily available along with lots and lots of other useful goodies under Robert Nelson’s Ubuntu image.
Angstrom’s lack of svn smacked of religion but it may be they simply lost the guy who was supporting it.

What is the problem?

You can use subversion repositories from git……

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git svn not available in the angstrom version, neither is recursive wget in the busybox version

just in case anybody is looking for a solution you have to add it to the repo. Execute the command below.
echo ‘src/gz angstrom-base’ > /etc/opkg/angstrom-base.conf
opkg update
opkg install git
opkg install subversion