sucessful on porting sdio wifi driver for android on beagebaord

Hi all

We are sucessful on porting SDIO wifi driver for Android on

The original Wifi driver is from TI 1271 Wifi Driver on OMAP Zomm
platform(GPL) for Android,modified by Jorjin Inc.

It works with following enviroment.

* BSP: Android 1.0 on BeagleBoard
* Kernel: Android Kernel 2.6.27
* ToolChain: 2007q1-21 release of Sourcery G++ Lite for ARM
* MMC Slot: MMC1
* IRQ: GPIO 162 (expansion connector pin 14)

Our diver source is avaliable on

Android Kernel and BSP can be found in,

BTW, 2.6.29 is on going.

Newbie question(s):

1. How portable is the SDIO WiFi driver to the Angstrom distro?

2. I have a Spectec SDIO WiFi card, and would love to use it. Though I
think it uses some MediaTek chip. Might this driver also work there?

3. From the note on the IRQ line using GPIO 162, I am to take that to
mean that the built-in SD Card slot does not have the interrupt pin (8
or 9 if memory serves) hooked up?

Thank you,