Sudden screen power down

If somebody help me I would be very glad. I am looking for a solution for three days.
I have BeagleBone Black and suggested peripherals for HDMI to VGA display. I am using 20" Samsung VGA monitor.

In my first attempt, I could not take any screen and realised fuse behind usb connector is getting hot too much.
According to suggestions in this group, I cut off it and connect raw +5V to HDMI side from connectors.
Then I could see desktop but after a few minutes display is get power down. At first I thought it could be because of power safe mode and user input necessity.
But event I clicked from mouse, screen is getting power down in 2 minutes even leds are still blinking.

Permanent solution would be very helpful.
Thanks for your attention from now.

That is called a screen saver function. It is a feature in the Linux Kernel and all PCs. It most likely is from your display and not the board as the reason you can’t get it back. I have a display that does the same thing. Try power cycling the display to see if it comes back.