Suddenly no images from DVI port

Hello all

Me and my friend was just working with our Beagle Board when, after a
restart, there is no display showing from the DVI port. It had been
working fine all week, but regardless from which cable we use, there
is no images coming from the port. Is the DVI interface broken and
should we request a RMA or can this be fixed in some way.

We are located in Sweden and working with the BB as our masters
thesis, so we greatly appreciate not having to wait for our BB to
travel across the Atlantic.

We haven't tried the S-video port, but only the DVI port is of
interest to us.

Any help is appreciated!

What monitor are you using? Have you changed the factory default loads in the Flash or loaded any code into Flash?

If so, I suggest you restore the factory default to check if the DVI is indeed gone bad or it is an issue with code. Refer to chapter 12 of the System Reference Manual at and to


I had the same problem with my board around 4 days ago. The DVI output
was working then poof... Nothing.

I believe off of the top of my head (I'm away from home at the moment)
I have a Dell 2405FPW monitor.
I Sent an RMA request and was told send my board back asap. I was
told that they have only ever had this problem 3 or 4 times and that
they have all been Dell related.

I'm not sure how long it will take them to return the board to me, but
I hope it's very soon as I need it for my university final year

Just get it back as quickly as you can. It will only take a day to make the repair or midification. We are testing a new modification today to see if that helps solves the issue. We have also found that this issue occurs on Dell monitors with PCs and Macs as well. It is like the input is sensitive to the level and a few milivolts is enough to make it loose the clock.