sudo: command not found


I reinstalled Angstrom on my Beaglebone and I am having some troubles. This is connected to my MAC and controlled via Ubuntu VirtualBox. The problem here is that I cannot “sudo” or “apt-get”. Did this come after reinstalling Angstrom? My SD card came preloaded so I feel like I must be missing something for this to work. I already performed “opkg upgrade” and “opkg update” via Beaglebone.

Would this be a BB problem or Ubuntu VB problem?

Thank you,

Why do you need 'sudo' when you're logged in as root? You already have all the privileges, so sudo is not going to add any.

Apt is the Debian (and therefore as well Ubuntu) package management utility
Opkg is a lightweight open package management system used by Angstrom.
if you want to install something on Angstrom, then you can either
install it with opkg or you can compile it from source.
-> Have a close look at the documentation of opkg.


Why do you connect via a virtual Ubuntu and not directly with Mac Os to your BB?